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Building high quality custom websites that hit the mark in every aspect, keeping your users engaged and turning users into paying customers

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Websites / Why MHG Studio

What we offer & our differences

MHG Studio offer a range or web services and are always learning the latest technologies. We pride ourselves of complete products. Every stone gets turned over and we make sure you love your website as much as we do. 

Completely Custom

From start to finish. Every element is designed to elevate your user experience

WordPress & Shopify

Custom wordpress & shopify sites are our core focus. We never use templates

Web apps

Creating custom web apps for your business. Dashboards, product automation & more

5 star rated Agency
on Google


With mobile first in mind. We make sure your site works on all devices & browsers

Tracking & analytics

We always track your sites performance and find ways to boost your sites conversions

Tweaking & fixing

Dont need a completely new website? We can help you tweak & change your existing


We offer a suite of management & support plans to keep your site in good shape

Past Work / Take a look at some of our recent work

Our Recent Work

Blizzards Jewellers

Shopify website for a national jewellery company

Leading Edge Cycles

Brochure website for BMX champ Leigh Egan

The Hand Network

Subscription platform to earn discounts at local businesses

Gungahlin Six

New apartment development in Canberra

Client Feedback

5.0 / Overall google rating
Process / How we build our websites

Our Process


Understanding your needs & goals

The discovery phase is the initial step in website development, where the project team will gather requirements and information from the you to determine the goals and objectives of your website. This may include gathering insights about your target audience, determining the site’s functionality and features, and defining the overall site architecture.


Setting up the project

The onboarding phase involves the initiation of the project, where the project team will begin working with the you to establish the project timeline and scope, determine the project’s requirements, and assign tasks to each team member. This phase may also involve the setup of project management tools and collaboration tools, as well as the establishment of communication channels between the project team and your team.

Design & Development

The beginning of bringing things to life

The design and development phase involves the creation of your website’s visual and functional components. This phase includes tasks such as creating wireframes, designing mockups, and developing your website’s front-end and back-end code. During this phase, the project team will work closely with you to ensure that the design and functionality meet the project’s requirements.


Testing, tweaking & launching!

The launch phase involves the deployment of your website to the production environment. This phase includes tasks such as testing, quality assurance, and optimisation to ensure your website is functioning correctly and meets all of your expectations. Once the website is ready, it is launched to the public, and the project team will work with you to monitor and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

Support & Maintenance

On-going maintenance of your site

The support and maintenance phase involves ongoing updates, bug fixes, and support for your site. This phase includes tasks such as monitoring the website’s performance, providing technical support, and updating your site’s content and functionality as needed. The project team will work with you to ensure that the website remains up-to-date and meets your ongoing needs.

FAQ's / Most common Website questions

Frequently Asked

We always strive for something you will love.

We will always educate you on the best practices and conventional systems & features to use when building your website. Although it is your product in the end and you will get the final say!!

We also design before development and give you multiple revisions so you are happy with the look and feel before development begins.

The cost of a website varies do to the software used, how many pages need, features & design. At MHG Studio we quote every project individually to ensure you get what you want.

The average brochure website can cost as little is $1000.

Much like estimating the cost of a website, this is calculated on the complexity of the site. We will always give you a timeline with the timeline broken up into sprints so you know exact status of your project throughout the design & build stage

Of course, we are always an email or phone call away. We like our relationship to be personal so you will have the contact details of the head developer to ensure you can liaise about up coming changes, bug fixes or changes. We have multiple monthly support & maintenance packages which covers all of websites needs into the future

We run tests regularly to ensure everything is running and operating smoothly. We also have the option in one of our monthly plans to receive monthly reports on performance, security & userbility 

All of our websites are built with an easy to use content management system behind it. We will teach you how to login to your website and edit any of your content, products and more

Every one of our websites will have the basic search engine optimised practices in place to help you rank in google.

We also offer SEO as a service, this is for businesses who really want to ramp up their online exposure and rank for keywords in the industry locally and all around the world

By booking a free 30 minute consultation you will have access to our Web designer & developer to discuss your project for 30 minutes.

We will discuss your goals when it comes to building a website, look at your target audience & run through how you would like your website to look & feel as well as how you want your websites overall functionality to work.

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